We build homes that eliminate utilities and work with their environment to be self sufficient

The new homes built today are using the lowest SEER equipment allowable by code (which is still and improvement over the equipment used 5 – 10 years ago) All of our HVAC systems are designed using the Manual J, Eighth Edition calculations.  What this program does is take into consideration the floor plan, insulation, glass exposure and type used, overhangs, porches, orientation of the home and a number of other issues and materials.  After compiling all of this information it recommends the appropriate size for the system of each home.

For people who live in the south and southwest, HVAC is their greatest energy consumption.  The once popular thought was that bigger is better just doesn’t work any more.  Our homes are designed for the maximum interior comfort with the most energy efficient method possible.

With the new federal tax rebate on Geothermal, what was once a budget-breaking source of HVAC is now more accessible to our customers.  We have a number of homes under construction that are going to utilize this method.

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