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Water Efficiency/Rainwater Harvesting

For years, water has been overlooked as a precious resource, but recent countrywide droughts have brought attention to the glaring problems of how we manage (or mismanage) this resource.  In some areas, cell phone and cable bills are higher than our water bills and we ignore the fact that we are hemorrhaging water – a commodity we cannot live without and cannot replace. Our Point Source Home changes everything.

The Point Source Home we build operates 100% on Rainwater Harvesting (RWH). The concept is not new – collecting rainwater to drink can be traced back to the Old Testament of the Bible. Today, a system that is properly designed, professionally installed, and well-maintained gives owners years of superior quality water that requires no chemicals or softening.

Over 46 million Americans rely on a private water source, such as a well.  RWH allows people to have a private water system without depleting ground water.

In areas where drought is a constant threat, it is important to prioritize how water is used. A typical household uses over 65% of its total water consumption on landscaping. By using less turf, selecting grasses that are compatible with the surrounding soil and climate, and opting for native plants that are drought-resistant and drought-tolerant, homeowners can make a vast difference in how much water is needed to maintain the yard. RWH is a proactive approach to smart water usage – it eliminates the fear of one day waking up to an eliminated resource.


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